The computer controlled bouldering wall is ready!

We have several games up running, come give it a go.

The new computer controlled, touch sensitive, LED lighted bouldering wall going in

Experience Rochester magazine article on Prairie Walls!

Rochester Magazine, climbing kids!

If you have some photos of a recent climbing trip that you would like to share, please let me know.


We added a web surfing computer to the bouldering area.

Picked up 1500 gently used holds, they are all cleaned and ready to set with.

There have been a few new additions here at Prairie Walls.

First, I finished the section between the two low boulders. It now sports an overhang on to a steep slab. Look for some epic long bouldering traverses!

I also added a raised platform in the bouldering area.

So, this may not be strictly climbing related, but……….

Here at Prairie Walls we have always quite a bit of fun between the staff. This has taken the form of an ongoing series of pranks and practical jokes. I am often the one perpetrating them, but every now and again I am on the receiving end, as I was recently.

When I came into work I found this balloon on the steps leading up to my office

This was my office…….

Darin Limvere, long time Prairie Walls climber and employee started an extended road trip in early 2008, here are a few photos of his adventures

Darin on Electric Lady Land, Yosemite Valley, CA

This is Darin & Mark K. on “Electric Lady Land” in Yosemite Valley CA. They Spent five nights and six days on the wall.

John D. ( another P.W. alumni ) Leading an aid climb on Squamish Chief in British Colombia, Canada.

Darin rapping with the haul bag on Squamish Chief.

Darin setting up for the crux dyno on “The Big Moe” in Joshua Tree, CA

Darin on “Meadows Direct” Joshua Tree, CA

John D. sticking the dyno on “Saturday Night Live” and avoiding dehydration in the high desert of Joshua Tree, CA.